Latest Friendship Status in English and Hindi for WhatsApp


Friends are like gift from god in our life. They are the nicest person with whom we could share all of our emotions and feelings. As they hold so much Value in our life, we should also greet them with the Best Friendship Status in English. Here I have listed few great and really hearted Friendship status for whatsapp to share it with your Friends to tell them how special they are in your life. How Lucky you are to have them in Your life. Friendship Status in Hindi are the best way to express your Love toward your Friends. Here are the Friendship status in English simply copy these Status and send it to your Friends to let them know how you feel for them.

Friendship Day will be celebrated on 30th July 2020, Globally. You can share these awesome Friendship Status in English with your Friends to show you love and care for them. You can Express all you Love and Care by sharing these WhatsApp Friendship Status in Hindi on your Whatsapp Status. This Friendship day Let them know where they stand in your Life by sharing these amazing Friendship Quotes.

Latest Friendship Status in English

Here are some of the top best Friendship Quotes in English:

The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it.

No friendship is an accident.

You are really special to me. You are my true friend.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still.. Loves you!

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

We’ll be friends forever or until you move over an hour away.

Latest Friendship Status in English and Hindi for WhatsApp

A true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you to become who you should be.

My friends keep my heart warm!

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

Coffee and Friends make the perfect blend.

No matter what happens some memories can never be replaced.

It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.

I know I can always count on you to cheer me up when I am feeling low.

BEST FRIENDS – 11 letters, 2 words, 1 meaning

A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.

No matter what happens some memories can never be replaced.

When you have crazy friends, you have crazy times.

True friendship is hard to find, especially a friendship like yours and mine.

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.

Remember no man is a failure who has friends.

Best friends don’t judge each other they judge others together.

You and I are more than friends. We’re like a really small gang.

If you never had friends, you never lived life.

Looking at your best friend and saying, “I’ll do it if you do it.”

Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house and then you both just take a nap.

Friendship Status in English for WhatsApp

Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.

Friends are like flowers, they add color to your life..!!

So blessed to have you in my life! Cheers to you, friend.

You are the sister I got to choose!

Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.

Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world.

A friend is what the heart needs all the time.

True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.

Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.

You don’t have to be crazy to be my friend. Give it time. It will happen eventually.

If friendship is your weakest point, then you are the strongest person in this world.

I can never imagine my life without friends.

I was an innocent being, then my best friend came along.

Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy.

We do not gossip, we distribute vital information.

We go together like Coffee and Donuts.

Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.

God made us FRIENDS because he knew our parents couldn’t handle us as sisters.

The world is round so that friendship may encircle it.

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.

A true friend is someone who never gets tired of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again.

The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.

FRIENDS help you see the sunshine through the rain.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have you as a Friend.
Because life would be boring, without a best friend!

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

Good coffee is always best with great friends.

Sometimes having coffee with your best friend is all the therapy you need.

Happiness is.. Coffee with friends.

Good coffee is a pleasure. Good friends are a treasure.

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.

Our Friendship is like a cup of tea.. A special blend of You and Me.

Coffee is always better with a Friend 🙂

Good times are even better when they’re shared.

True friendships are eternal.

True friendship is never serene.

Good Wine. Good Friends. Good Times.

Friendship is not about to whom you know longer it’s about who came and never left your side.

A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.

Best Friends Make the Good Time Better & Bad times as the Best.

Best Friendship Status in English

Here are some of the Best Friendship Status in English. Share these Friendship Status for Whatsapp with your friends.

School may be hard, annoying and irritating,
But admit it, you’re going to miss it when it ends..

Choose your friends with caution;
plan your future with purpose,
and frame your life with faith.

Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver these are gold.

One Who Holds Ur Hand In Ur Problem
Is A Good Friend But The True Friend
Is One Who Holds Ur Hand More Tightly
When U Say Leave Me Alone.
And That’s You.

True friends won’t grow apart even when they don’t talk every day.

Walking with the friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

True friends are like diamonds — bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.

Call it a Clan,
Call it a Network,
Call it a Tribe,
Call it a Family Whatever you Call it,
Whoever you are You need One.

A friend is someone who knows
everything about your life
and still loves you!

Friendship Quotes in English

These Friendship Status in English are Awesome for whatsapp. Download these Friendship Quotes in English and share this with your Best Friends.

A good friend like you is hard to find, hard to lose and trust me you are unable to forget.

If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn’t jump with them, I’d be at the bottom to catch them.

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.
Love risks degenerating into obsession,
friendship is never anything but sharing.

The best mirror is an old friend.

A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helped you write them.

Some memories will never fade away!

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Friendship Day Status

Laughing makes everything easier, funnier and happier, especially when you do it with your best friends.

I am surrounded by awesome people and I call them Friends.

Always love your friends from your heart
not from your mood or need.

I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends, I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends.

“Laughter is the shortest
distance between two people.”

If Your Friends Don’t Make Fun Of You,
They Are Not Really Your Friends.

Many people will walk in and out of your life
but only true friends will leave
footprints in your heart.

Looking forward to many, many more years of laughter, fun, and friendship—together!

Just talking to you makes my day way better.

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking, they can make you laugh.

A friend can make you smile…even when she’s not around.

Sometimes your best friends understands you better than you understand yourself.

Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit.

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.

Wherever we are it’s our friends who make the place beautiful & Comfortable to us.

Good friends don’t let you do stupid things Alone.

WhatsApp Status For Friends

Whatsapp Status for Friends are awesome way to show your Love towards your Friends. Download Friendship Quotes in English Images and share it with your Friends. Friendship Status in English

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you;
spend a lot of time with them,
and it will change your life.

Only your real friends tell you
when your face is dirty.

Never Let your friends feel lonely,
Always disturb them…

Things are never quite as scary
when you’re got a best friend.

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.

Those who stand with you when you are alone are called best friends.

Friendship is a sweet responsibility.. Never an opportunity..

“Friendship” is the part of “heart”, “Heart” is the part of “feelings” “Feelings” is the symbol of “care”& “Care” is the special word for “FRIENDS”

Love is not only made for lovers, it is also for friends who love each other better than lovers. a true friend is very hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.

Friendship is like standing on wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder it’s to leave, and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind.

Medicines and friendships cure our problems. The main difference is that friendships don’t have an expiry date.

My mittens warm my hands… My friends warm my heart.

Best friends are the ones who hate the same stuff.

An Idiot who make you laugh in her presence will definitely make you cry in her absence !! Bcoz !! Those idiots are our real friends !!

Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe called life.

Deep conversations with the right people are priceless.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Everyone has a friend but only few have good friend like you.

Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.

Friendship is a Flower that blooms in all Seasons.

My life is so much more special because of you, Friend. What a blessing!

People with socially awkward personality tend to be more loyal and faithfull to their friends when in a relationship.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Happy friendship day…

Friends And Medicine have Same Important Role In Our Life. Because Both Are Helpful To Remove Our Sorrows and Pain. But Difference Of Both Of Them is Friends Have No Expiry Date.

Friendship is not something you learn in school.But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship,you really haven’t learned anything.

I found a knife in my back with your name on it, do you want it now or should i leave it there for next time?

I strongly believe it’s better to be stabbed in the front with the truth instead stabbed in the back with lies

To all of my friends who bother to read my status and occasionally comment. You’re awesome!

There are friends, there is family and then there are friends that become family.

There’s a point in every true friendship where friends stop being friends and become sisters.

A true friend sees the first tear, catches the second, and stops the third.

Isn’t it funny how you can write a status and people automatically assume that it’s about them…guilty much?

You know you’re best friends if you can have a half an hour long conversation about something as simple as ants.

There are angels everywhere we turn.But sometime we don’t realize because they have no wings.We call those angels, Friends

We ask our friends for permission or advice, when what we really want is collaboration and collusion.

If you notice I’m not talking, it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you, it just means I don’t want to impose on you.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

One friend can change your whole life.

The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships.

Life is better with friends!

I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. I’m surrounded by angels but I call them my best friends. Happy Friendship Day ♥

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

A friend is never a coincidence in ur life, they r meant to enter ur life to bring u joy & laughter. So, I will treasure the friendship between us. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

When I die, friends will go to my funeral, good friends will cry at my funeral, but my best friend will change my Facebook status to chilling with GOD..

Friendship is like a star that guides the way, near and far.

Friends are like animals, different from each other… but still same…

Life is beautiful when friendship is truthful.

Awesome Friendship Status in English

My friends supported to fall in love and they even supported me to forget him. They understand me better.

A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

I’m beyond blessed to have friends who are like family in my life!

Friends are the siblings God never gave us.

We fight for 5 minutes..we laugh for 5 hours..because that’s what best friends do.

FRIENDS are the FAMILY we choose.

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

Friendship is like a circle. It has no origin or end.

Surround your self with good people who will not turn their back on you.

Girls before guys, partying before studying, and friends before love.

My friends are amazing. I just wanted to let them know !!

School’s out, memories past. Don’t ever doubt, our friendship will last.

It hurts knowing we used to be so close, yet now we’re nothing more than strangers.

I love every moment spent with you!

A day spent with friends is always a day well spent.

I’m so glad friends don’t come with price tags. I could never afford the wonderful friends I’ve got.

GOOD FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

Friends are like stars, they come and they go but the ones that stay are the ones that glow.

You are my best friend because I wouldn’t dare be this weird with anyone else.

Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart.

A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Don’t love someone because you NEED them..Need them BECAUSE you love them!

Good friends are like diamonds very hard to find, but once u do they are way to precious to lose 🙂

No matter how SERIOUS life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid with.

Best Friends are the people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter and live a little better.

Best friend: one million memories, ten thousand inside jokes, one hundred shared secrets.

A friend is someone you can call at any hour to laugh or cry or complain.

It’s always nice to have SOMEONE in your life who can make you SMILE even when they’re not AROUND that’s friendship!

If your friends don’t make fun of you, they’re not really your friends.

She’s always there for me when I need her; She’s my best friend; she’s just my everything.

Thank you for being there, even when you didn’t have to.

It is great when two strangers become friends but its sad when two friends become strangers.

True friends are like diamond, when u hit them they do not break, they only slip away from ur life.

The best way to stay close to Anyone is by being just friend. Nothing More and Nothing Less…

Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow..

I can’t promise to solve all your problems but I’ll promise u won’t have to face them alone.

Only a true best friend can protect u from your immortal enemies.

Your friendship is like a diamond. True and precious. I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.

Friendship is so weird… you just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like “yup I like this one” and you just do stuff with them.

You’ve been the reason behind a whole lot of my smiles.

Good friends are like quilts – they age with you yet never lose their warmth.

Life is a party whenever I’m with you. You turn my tears into smiles when we share and laugh together.

When friendships are real, they are not glass threads or frost work, but the solidest things we can know.

A circle is round it has no end, that’s how long I want to be your friend.

Friendship Status in Hindi

दोस्त वह होता है जो आपके भुतकाल को समझता है, आपके भविष्य पर विश्वास रखता है और आप जैसे हो वैसे ही आपको अपनाता है।

💚 Status For Friends Forever 💚

जिंदगी में कई दोस्त बनाना एक आम बात हैं लेकिन, एक ही दोस्त से जिंदगी भर दोस्ती निभाना खास बात हैं।

💕 Friendship status 💕
“Phøtø”….. खींचने Ķ@ शौख नहीं हैं मुजे पर क्या करु मेरे Friend 💃🏻 Ko …..”Phøtø”…..देखे बीना नींद नहीं आती…..😘😘😘

💜 Best Friendship Status 💜

👬 जमाने кi छोडिये 😎 нmє जमाने кє साथ चलना ηнi आता…😎 нυm आज внi बच्चे😋 нє 😎हमें दोस्तों кє बिना 😋जीना ηнi आता

💭 Friendship Status In Hindi 💭

ज़िन्दगी एक रेलवे स्टेशन की तरह है , प्यार एक ट्रेन है जो आती है और चली जाती है , पर दोस्त Enquiry Counter है , जो हमेशा कहते हैं May I Help You !

Dosti Shayari in Hindi

कुछ दोस्त हमारे दोस्त कम और हमारे माँ बाप के भरोसेमंद खबरी ज़्यादा होते हैं

दुनिया की सारी खुदाई एक तरफ, हम दोनों भाई एक तरफ

कैसे छोड़ूँ इन बिगड़े दोस्तों का साथ जिनको बिगाड़ा मैंने था

हमारी और आपकी ”दोस्ती ” इतनी गहरी हो कि, नौकरी करो आप ….. सैलरी हमारी हो

मैंने सोचा हम भी कर ले दोस्ती, दोस्त ही नहीं मिला वैसा, तो क्या करे दोस्ती

जिगरी दोस्ती वो थी… जब मेरे दोस्त ने मुझे गले लगा कर कहा था कि दौलत भी है , शौहरत भी है और इज़्ज़त भी है पर तेरे बिना ये सब बेकार है

वो दोस्त मेरी नज़र में बहुत ‘माईने’ रखते है, जो वक़्त आने पर मेरे सामने ‘आईने’ रखते है…

दोस्ती चाहे बुरी हो या अच्छी… पर दोस्ती सच्ची होनी चाहिए

हम वक्त गुजारने के लिए दोस्तों को नही रखते, दोस्तों के साथ रहने के लिए वक्त रखते है

जहाँ मोहब्बत धोखा देती है , दोस्ती वहाँ सहारा देती है

दोस्ती इम्तिहान नहीं विश्वास माँगती है , ज़िन्दगी अपने लिए कुछ भी नहीं , पर दोस्तों के लिए दुआ हज़ार माँगती है

वक़्त की यारी तो हर कोई करता है , मज़ा तो तब आता है , जब वक़्त बदल जाये मगर यार ना बदले

एक बात हमेशा याद रखना दोस्तों … ढूंढने पर वही मिलेंगे जो खो गए थे, वो कभी नहीं मिलेंगे जो बदल गए है.

Looking for special dosti shayari for your friends? You are in the right place, our wonderful collection of best shayari on dosti fulfil your purpose. Shayari is the best way to please someone and if this is the matter of friend then dosti shayari is the best choice. We hope you can like and also relate with this dosti shayari. Here are some Latest Friendship Status in Hindi.

वो गिलास ही क्या जिसमें ड्रिंक छूट जाए , और वो यारी ही क्या जो एक लड़की की वजह से टूट जाये

दोस्ती करो तो हमेशा मुस्करा कर,
किसी को धोखा ना दो अपना बनाकर कर,
कर लो याद जब तक हम ज़िंदा है,
फिर ना कहना चले गए हम दिल में यादें बसा कर…

एक सच्चा दोस्त ही आपको ये बातें समझाएगा
अंडा नॉन-वेज नहीं होता
बियर दारु नहीं होती

हम दोस्ती निभाना जानते है ,
ज़ख्म कितने भी गहरे हो दवा लगाना जानते है ,
हमें भूलने की कोशिश भी ना करना ऐ दोस्त
हम गला दबाना भी जानते है

दोस्त को दोस्त का इशारा याद रहता है,
हर दोस्त को अपना दोस्ताना याद रहता है,
कुछ पल सच्चे दोस्त के साथ गुजारो तो सही,
वो अफ़साना मौत तक याद रहता है

दोस्ती का रिश्ता दो अनजानों को जोड़ देता है ,
हर कदम पर ज़िन्दगी को नया मोड़ देता है ,
सच्चा दोस्त साथ देता है तब ,
अपना साया भी साथ छोड़ देता है जब ….

मिलना बिछड़ना सब किस्मत का खेल है,
कभी नफरत तो कभी दिलों का मेल है ,
बिक जाता है हर रिश्ता इस दुनिया में ,
बस एक दोस्ती है जो NOT FOR SALE है

हमें कोई बुलाये या ना बुलाये , हम सबको बुलाते है
हमें कोई चाहे या ना चाहे , हम सबको चाहते है
हमें कोई दोस्त बनाये या ना बनाये पर हम सबको अपना दोस्त बनाते है

उम्र की राह में इन्सान बदल जाता है ,
वक़्त की आंधी में तूफ़ान बदल जाता है,
सोचता हूँ तुम्हें परेशान ना करुँ,
पर क्या करूँ बाद में इरादा बदल जाता है

कुछ देर का इंतज़ार मिला हमको पर सब से स्वीट यार मिला है हमको
ना रही तमन्ना किसी और की , तेरी दोस्ती से वो प्यार मिला है हमको

मेरी दोस्ती के सारे एहसास ले लो ,
दिल से प्यार के सारे जज़्बात ले लो ,
नहीं छोड़ेंगे साथ तुम्हारा ,
चाहे इस दोस्ती के इम्तिहान हज़ारों ले लो

ना किसी से जलते है ना किसी से डरते है हम लड़कियों पर नहीं अपने दोस्तों पर मरते है

हमने अमीरो से दोस्ती नहीं की दोस्तों से अमीर हुए हैं

इक भाई है जिससे मुझे प्यार है वह कोई और है मेरा अनमोल यार है

दोस्ती ऐसी होनी चाहिए लोग देखते ही बोले आ गए दोनों आज जाने कोनसा कांड करेंगे

कौन कहता है के दोस्ती बर्बाद करती है निभाने वाला मिल जाये तोह दुनिया याद करती है

दोस्त बेशक एक हो लेकिन ऐसा वह जो अल्फाज से ज्यादा खामोशी को समझे

उन दिनों को याद करके हम मुस्कुराने लगते है,अपने दोस्तों की दोस्ती पे इतराने लगते है।

जरूरी नही की रिलेशनशिप ही हो कुछ लोगो की दोस्ती भी प्यार से बढ़कर होती है

प्रेम से रहो दोस्तों जरा सी बात पे रूठा नहीं करते…पत्ते वहीं सुन्दर दिखते हैं जो शाख से टूटा नही करते…!!

दोस्त बेशक एक हो लेकिन ऐसा हो, जो अलफाज से ज्यादा खामोशी को समझें

💘ऐसा नहीं के मैं रोती नहीं..बिखरती नहीं..टूटती नहीं..पर सलामत रहे मेरे दोस्त..जो हर बार जोड कर मुझे पहले जैसा नया कर देते है !!💘

कौन होता है दोस्त? दोस्त वो जो बिन बुलाये आये, बेवजह सर खाए, जेब खाली करवाए, कभी सताए, कभी रुलाये, मगर हमेशा साथ निभाए.

दोस्त को दौलत की निगाह से मत देखो, वफा करने वाले दोस्त अक्सर गरीब हुआ करते हैं….!!

आपकी दोस्ती हमारे सुरों का साज है, आप जैसे दोस्त पर हमें नाज़ है, चाहे कुछ भी हो जाये जिंदगी में, दोस्ती कल भी वैसी ही रहेगी, जैसी आज है.

हम वक्त और हालात के साथ ‘शौक’ बदलते हैं, दोस्त नही … !!

खुदा ने मुझे वफादार दोस्तों से नवाज़ा है याद मैं ना करूँ, तो कोशिश वो भी नहीं करते

अपनी ज़िन्दगी का एक अलग उसूल है, दोस्त की खातिर मुझे कांटे भी कुबूल है,

मित्र वो होता है जो आपको जाने और आपको उसी रूप में चाहे

एक सच्चा मित्र वो है जो उस वक़्त आपके साथ खड़ा है जब उसे कहीं और होना चाहिए था

सच्ची दोस्ती एक अच्छे स्वास्थ की तरह है, खोने पर ही उसकी महत्वता पता चलती है

जो सबका मित्र होता है वो किसी का मित्र नहीं होता है

बेशक थोड़ा इंतजार मिला हमको, पर दुनिया का सबसे हसीं यार मिला हमको, न रही तमन्ना अब किसी जन्नत की, तेरी दोस्ती में वो प्यार मिला हमको

कुछ खोये बिना हमने पाया है, कुछ मांगे बिना हमें मिला है, नाज़ है हमें अपनी तक़दीर पर जिसने आप जैसे दोस्त से मिलाया है

कौन होता है दोस्त? दोस्त वो जो बिन बुलाये आये, बेवजह सर खाए, जेब खाली करवाए, कभी सताए, कभी रुलाये, मगर हमेशा साथ निभाए

सोचा था न करेंगे किसी से दोस्ती! न करेंगे किसी से वादा! पर क्या करे दोस्त मिला इतना प्यारा की करना पड़ा दोस्ती का वादा

बेशक तू बदल ले अपनी मौहब्बत लेकिन ये याद रखना,, तेरे हर झूठ को सच मेरे सिवा कोई नही समझ सकता!!

जिंदगी में बेशक हर मौके का फायदा उठाओ.. मगर, किसी के भरोसे का फ़ायदा नहीं..

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